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cinema20in20's Journal

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c i n e m a 2 0 i n 2 0

Welcome to cinema20in20, yet another 20in20 community. Everything began with celeb20in20 and for that we are very thankful.

In this 20in20 community the participants can claim a movie, character or ship every month, depending on the focus of the particular round and make 20 icons in 20 days of their chosen subject. There will be different themes to work with each round.

g u i d e l i n e s

sign up
When the sign ups are open for the next round, you can claim the subject of your choosing via a message to the sign up post. Please use the format given and always enter your username as well as your first and second option in the case someone has already claimed your first choice. Your claim is the subject and inspiration to your icons. Should you wish to change your claimed topic, please get in touch with me as soon as possible. Needless to say you may only change to something that hasn't yet been claimed.

You can make only one [1] claim per round and you can't make the same claim two rounds in a row. Claims are on a first come, first served basis. There cannot be multiple claims of the same subject unless it is specifically allowed on that particular round.

Each round you will also be given themes to work with and these themes change from round to round. Ten [10] icons will each have a different theme, the next five [5] icons will form a category set and the final five [5] are artist's choice. The themes and the category are open to interpretation. This means that you can interpret each theme as you please as long as what you do is within your claim and somehow reflects the theme.

Voting is broken to several different parts. Each of the 10 themes will be voted on in its own group and the best icons chosen. The category sets and artist's choice sets will be voted on as a set and as individual icons and a best set will be chosen as well as best individual icons. As the icons can be viewed before the voting, please refrain from voting based on who made the icons or what is their subject. Take all icons into account and vote for the ones that in your opinion are best quality and fit for the theme.

If you want a participation banner, please request for it when posting your icons for the round. All winners will receive banners automatically unless you specifically state that you do not want one. Banners will be posted no later than a week after the results have been posted.

guidelines for the icons
01. All submitted icons must fit the Livejournal standards: 100x100 pixels, 40kB or under, in either .jpg, .png or .gif format
02. Animation is allowed.
03. You can post the icons in your own journal, but the entry must be visible to everyone without them having to join your community or to friend you. You can lock the post once the results have been announced.
04. When posting the icons, please post 3 preview icons and the rest under the cut or if posting them in your own journal add a link to the post with the icons.
05. You don't have to tag your entry. I will do that for you :)

If I didn't get the icons done?
Whatever your reason for not finishing your claim, you must wait for one round to pass before you can make another claim (ie. if you didn't finish the claim you made for round 4, you may not claim for round five but can post a claim again for round 6). You also can't claim the same subject two times in a row, so you must first complete a different claim, before being able to claim the unfinished one again.